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K1 gsxr 750 to 1000 brake swap

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Has anybody out there done or heard of swapping out the K1 model gixxer 750 front brake calipers onto a 1000? I know that the 4 piston calipers tend to work better hence the change in 03. Will they fit?
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00-03 750's fit 01-02 1000's and vice versa me thinks since I have an 02 750 front end on my pig with the stock 1000 blingy gold calipers mounted. I've got a set of 750 calipers that I'll eventually mount if I ever get around to it.
I done it to my 02 gsxr1000 and I have brakes NOW! they work much better. the 1000 brakes always felt like they still had air in them, no matter how many time I bled them...I just could never get a good lever fell out of them, even with the braided lines..I'm very picky about my brake lever feel. I put the 750 ones on a bled them, 5 minutes later I had great brake lever feel. Like a rock!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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