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so did it work out, good mod if it works, saves having to change all that other garb to go radial, worth buying a set of radial forks to adapt, then sell the rest of the forks, most guys have good carriers they just need the internals and legs what not, a guy looking to rebuild or go spare set..

honestly surprised someone hasn't programmed their CnC machine to whoop out some nice biller carriers for all gens of all makes and models, imagine the money, then make billet calipers as well.. big money in that, make a billet master and its ON! imagine if a guy could get a billet radial kit for any bike that utilizes removable carriers? myguess is they would sell rather wll if the price wasn't gouge magoo like everything else, just make your 12%, the machine does everything else..

shoot I should run that buy CnC Masters, he is always up for a good venture, say I sport for the material, he does the labor and draws up the progs.. to do this a guy would need carriers for every model he wants to work up.. baby steps, start with the precipice bikes, the gens just before radial releases.. everyone who bought the 02 1000 wishes they had waited to buy the 03, damn shame, I always felt sorry for those guys, good bikes but the radial is a noticeable difference IMO, specially with good components, the feel is very good.. too bad manufacturers do not take the initiative to do this, they don't have to be billet, they could mold em just like the stockers, they have all the blueprints be so easy for them to knock em out they have all the ducks lined up..

maybe a guy should contact Suzuki or something and propose the idea? maybe at least gain access to the prints to all the bikes you want to do.. I believe there is money in that, an entire kit, rotors, lines, calipers shoes and master with all fittings for plug and play as in brake light sensor and or mirrors if the bike has those components on the master, go for it, perfectly so its pure plug and play and fits perfectly.. maybe make two levels, one like stock, all poured, then one billet lightweight for racing... anodized colors hale yes, always wish I would have taken CnC in college, I know its easy to learn but man, a guy needs a shop, machines, had i learned decades ago and slowly bought machines Id be there already.. there are other part I'd like to knock out as well that people want but no one makes..

I don't like the radial adapter kit, its only a radial caliper, its not really radial mounted as it still mounts on the standaard axial style carrier, its not really a radial mount to the carrier.. goofy, the stress is still axial, the idea is to go raidal, into the leg so the toque doesn't want to twist the carrier, instead it wants to push the wheel into the pavement as its bending the leg towards the rear tire, huge grip and feel benefit, axial gets some of the same motion just not as efficient, there is a slight twist to it, not as much radial mounted.. apparently
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