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I have been swapping out my 2011 600 engine for A 2015 gsxr 750 .I have learned in the process you do NOT need the 750 wiring harness it all works from the 600 , the exhaust is the same also. The difference between the two air box's are the velocity stacks are taller on number 2 & 3 throttle bodies That is it,they literally have the same part number on the top half of the air box . the throttle bodies are different also. Both speedos work fine just a different red line, your choice to change or not depending on what level of fussy you are.the forks are the same the swing arms the same ...I also think, correct me if im wrong but the spring rates are different in the forks and on the rear shock. The ecm is also engine specific other then thos things every nut and bolt is the same ...good luck on any future swaps hope this helps someone .


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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