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just ordered exhaust

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Finally decided to order my exhaust (devil high mount sB2 carbon) for my 04 600. Brian at was real helpful with everything, plus the pricing was probably the best one i've found. Only thing is I've got to wait til bout the end of the month for next shipment, but i'm pretty sure it'll be worth the wait.
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You're gonna love the devil pipe.
I just put it on my 05 750, and boy am I in love.
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How much did you get it for?
It will be worth the wait. I just put one on my 05 750 and I love it. I also had to wait about two months to get it in but well worth it in my opinion.
Good luck.

I've got mine in TWO DAYS from Devilbikes.
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ya i order a complete system and the only thing i had to wait on was the headers becuase they where on there way from France.. but i got my highmount in 3 days and 2 weeks later i got my headers.. Devil pipes rule
You must have got the last one before I ordered mine I also had to wait for france to ship it or where every they make them at. But I do love the system and was worth the wait.
Yea I'm pretty sure Devilbikes's probably got em in stock. I know with Hammy though it's bout $60 bucks less. I got mine for $440 shipped to my door, so that'll make up for the wait.
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