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Just getting around to my intro have a 2004 600 and 2009 750

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Have been on the forums for a little bit of time kinda nervous to post. I have a 2004 600 that is lowered with an extended swing arm. Then I have a 2009 750 that is pretty much stock other than a jardine gp-1 full exhaust with a power commander and quick shifter. Love both of them equally in different ways but the 600 tends to be my daily.
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I hate to say it but I'm more digging the DeVille in the background there :p (even though I'm confused by the headlights, which I've never seen before)
Probably because it鈥檚 the DeVilles big brother, Mr Eldorado 馃槑
nice bikes man.. nothing beats a gixxer!
Thank you. I previously had a 2008 750 I took a turn too fast with and clipped the curb instead of an oncoming car followed my an old man totally destroying any hope of it being ok by plowing it like 59 ft under his car then spit it out 30 more ft. It was a tragic day 馃槩

but now we鈥檙e here!!馃コ
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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