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junior TT race and pics....

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The Junior TT race………..

The weather was dry for the race, held on Wednesday morning. We always knew we would struggle to compete against the big boys with their tuned 600’s as we were running a production GSXR 600, with no engine tuning. So against most of the other racers, we were down 20 to 25% of horsepower. With an Ohlins shock and the race components re-worked forks, Dave was really happy with the handling of the bike and in practice, he had a couple of laps at over 110 mph average, which was a great start. It was a big event for Triumph as they were returning to racing with their new Daytona 600 and they had 3 top riders on their bikes, Jim Moodie, John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey, all of which are previous TT winners. So to get a bit of extra coverage for our bikes, we decided to park our bike next to them in parc ferme, where all the TV cameras are. So look out for the blue bike on the TV coverage.

Dave set off in the 4 lap race at number 53, which was way down the order. He knew he was faster than 15 to 20 people ahead of him, but his race number was allocated based on the result and average speed of the last time he competed in the class, which was a good few years ago. He said his biggest problem would be overtaking people.

After 2 laps, he came in for a pit stop, which was refuelling and a quick drink, then he was off out again with a little wheelie for the crowd. He had moved up to 35th place by this point, so we were hoping for a finish inside the top 30.

At the end of the race, won by our friend Bruce Anstey on the Triumph, Dave was 36th. He averaged 109.98 mph including the pit stop, with his fastest lap on the last lap at over 112 mph average. The fastest he had ever been on a 600. Dave was feeling a bit down about finishing so low down the order, given how fast he had gone himself, but he had struggled to overtake some of the guys on the faster bikes who slowed him up in the corners, but had more power to accelerate away from him down the straights. Anyway, we were pleased with another finish and Dave was all set for a few practice laps in the afternoon for the senior race on the 750, but then it started to rain and practice was cancelled due to the bad weather on the mountain. The scruteneers decided to pull a few bikes aprt to check that they were race legal, and i got a few pics of Adrian Archibald's bike who finished 3rd on a TAS Suzuki GSXR 600

We attended the prize giving in the evening, which was for the 1000 production race on Monday, and the sidecar and Junior TT race. It was not until we go there that we realised we had actually got a superb result in the race earlier in the day. Dave had qualified for a Bronze replica, for finishing within 110% of the winner’s time. This was an absolutely fantastic result on a production machine. So he was to collect 2 bronze replicas, one for the production race and another for the Junior race. Dave couldn’t stop smiling. During the 1000 production prize giving, Dave had to go up again to share another award, for the two best finishing 750cc bikes within the 1000 production race. Both Dave and Alan Jackson were riding Suzuki GSXR 750’s so they won the “Ultimate Test Ride 750 Plaque”, which although is a manufactures award, the two have decided to share it. Incidentally Suzuki GSXR 1000’s won the other plaque for the two 1000 cc bikes from the same manufacture finishing the highest.

Bronze no 1

Bronze no 2

Ultmate test ride plaque

So a top night, with two Bronze replicas and recognition that the Suzuki’s are the fastest road bikes going.

Been busy this morning prepping the 600 for the 600 production race tomorrow morning. Got some repairs to do to the fairing, as there are sections of the belly pan that has been worn away, to reveal some holes!

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