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been a crazy few weeks for me, with all the traveling and racing.

so i packed up the family 2 weeks ago and left for jennings gp in florida. let me tell you, 16 hours in the car with a 2 year old and an 8-month old is not fun. but i digress...

so anyway, i have been to jennings before, so i didn't run friday practice, only saturday practice and sunday races. this turned out to be a mistake because for some reason i had a very difficult time getting up to speed for some reason. saturday practice best times i could muster were in the 1:23 range, which still put me in the top 5 fastest amateurs, but the front running guy was in the 1:19's!

sunday practice i dropped into the 1:22's, but the bike still felt like it was all over the place and i had little stability or confidence in the front end, and i was lacking rear grip. i threw on a new set of tires, and got ready for my 4 races. since i missed the pre-registration date, again i was gridded on the last row for every race.

gtu - was gridded behind kristen casey, who stalled when the green flag dropped, so i got fucked. went into t1 2nd to last, but put my head down, managed to pick off a good amount of people, and went on to finish 5th place. was a pretty uneventful race after the start really, lap times finally dropped into the high 1:21's though.

middleweight supersport - this race was going great until i got run off track in t4 at 100+mph by someone in a green shirt (new racer) who went in to t3 way too fast. managed to keep the bike upright through the dirt and grass, got back on track and up to speed, passed some people, and finished a shitty 11th place. lap times consistently in the 1:21's finally.

middleweight superbike - got a decent launch, passed a few people, and then had someone lean on me in the kink between t2 & t3. i was on the inside of him coming out of t2, had started to pull away, when i felt the bump. i didn't think much of it until i came around the next lap and saw his bike in the weeds and him standing next to he corner worker. no red flag though, so i kept my head down and went on to finish 6th. when i got back to the pits i looked at the bike, and my exhaust can was dented!!! apparently what happened was when we bumped, his left clipon hit the top inside of my exhaust, and he let go of the bike! his dad comes up to me afterwards, so i found him in the pits and talked with him a bit. he is ok, just a broken thumb and some hurt pride. bike looked fine as well, so no worries.

middleweight gp - another uneventful race really. got a decent launch, passed a lot of people, and went on to finish in 5th again. best lap time of the day with a 1:21.0.

so all in all, jennings was better than roebling in terms of my placing, especially in regards to my grid positions at the start, coming from the last row in each race. however, i was unhappy with how the bike felt all weekend, and with how i felt all weekend. i know i could have gotten into the 1:20's and podiumed, but didn't have it in me that weekend, which pissed me off. then, to add insult to injury, when i was loading the bike into the trailer, i dropped it on the right side, bending the brake lever, for which i did not have a spare!!!

corey and motomummy to the rescue!!! i called corey on tuesday, and he had me a new brake lever on wednesday, delivered overnight to my wife's grandmother's house where we were staying in florida for the week until cmp the following weekend.

so a big thanks for corey, erin, and everyone at motomummy for making both race weekends possible, without them i never would have been able to do it!
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