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Is 05 1K Speedo This Off

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I ran through mobile radar today. It was one of those unmanned trailers that say watch your speed as it shows your speed compared to the posted speed.

My Speedo showed 55 MPH and the radar sign flashed 48 MPH.

Does this sound correct or was the radar off.
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Those radar units are not always accurate. They need to be calibrated every so often, which is normally not done like it is suppose to. At least that is the case in NJ.
factory error is something close to 13% on every bike out there. It's so you can't sue suzuki when you get caugh speeding saying your speedo was low from the factory. It will get more off as you go faster isnce it's a percentage. buy a speedo healer. My bike was off almost 16%.

I would imagine you were going almost exactly 48.. not 55

this is also why you hear people say "I was doing 130 on my 600!" when in reality they were probably doing closer to 110 or so.
i haev a gps mounted to my k5 and yes they are way off. more so than other bikes i haev owned (R1 and hayabusa). not sure how much onteh big end but will find out when i get a few more miles on it. i will also run a couple top end runs with the tre and without (if anyone cares)
My speedo is only +5% optimistic. Tested agaist GPS and calculated from the gearing.
Just yesterday I did a topspeed run. 299km/h on speedo showed 285 km/h on peak hold speed of the GPS.
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