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Hi all.

I have never been to the IOM and have had a last minute lucky break which means that I am able to go from 1st June to 7th June.

Having NEVER been before, my question is basically this: anyone else going that wouldn't mind a rookie tagging along for some periods and offering any advice?

I'm travelling up to Liverpool on afternoon of 31st May from Cookham, Berks. The only ferry I could get was the 01:45 on the 1st June - YAWN!

I've never been to track days or meets, but keen to get into it all. I've got a K3 GSXR600. Will prob also ask the guys who service my bike if they are or know anyone else that is going.

Managed to get a last minute "Homestay" accommodation in Onchan, overlooking Douglas Bay, so pretty sorted.

Anyway - cheers for any hints and tips, and see you there - on the bike or in the bar!

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