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Intermittent starting problems

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I have a 2011 Suzuki GSXR 750 my charging system checks out fuses and relays but every now and then I will go to get right back on the bike and it sounds like my battery’s dead the motor drags when it tries to turn over I can push start it but I need to get to the bottom of this problem besides the starter two fuses in the starter relay what should I be looking for the clutch switch, kickstand kickstand switch, why would it make the engine sound like it’s drag down and the battery is week
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Check all connections in the starter circuit between battery, solenoid and starter motor. It sounds like either a loose connection or failing crimped joint causing an intermittent voltage drop. If not that it could also be faulty solenoid or worn brushes in the starter motor.
To be honest, it sounds like your battery needs to be looked at first of all, because this looks just like the heart of the problem. Get it checked - NO, I don't mean just by checking the voltage across the two + / - terminals, I mean a proper load capacity test, which does as I stated, checks to see how well it will take in and hold a charge. It will show up immediately if there is a malfunction here. This honestly sounds like it came right out of the book of electrical diagnosis..

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