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I've been searching for some replacement parts for my bike, and to find info on some of my upgrades. Thought I'd compile a list of some of the things I have found out, to help others searching. Please correct anything wrong in my list or add other things. Maybe we could make a sticky?

In general:
00-03 750 is all the same. (some electronics are different)
01-03 600
01-02 1000.

750 and 1000 clipons are compatable.

Windscreen / rear seat:
00-03 750's
01-03 600's
01-02 1000's are all interchangeable

all fairing stays are compatable from same gen.

gsxr 600 and 750 are interchangeable from 2001-2003
gsxr 1000 from 2001-2002

PS: The side fairings from a 1000 are not really interchangable with other models.. everything else is.

Front fender:
01-03 600, 00-03 750, 01-02 1000 are the same fender.
04-05 600/750, 03-04 1000 are the same fender but won't fit the above models without modifying the rear fender mounts.
06-07 600/750, 05-08 1000 are the same fender and will bolt straight up to the list directly above (the previous generation) and will need the modification as above to fit the first gen K series.


600 01-05 - 17x5.5
750 00-05 - 17x5.5 / 17x6.0

all interchange

Rear wheel:
1000 01-04 - 17x6.0 should also fit a 00-03 750
SRAD rear wheel - 17x5.5 (needs sprocket, sprocket carrier and all the wheel spacers too.)

05 GSXR1000, 06 600/750 and onwards rims are lighter with thinner spokes.

Rear shock interchange ability:
600 2001-2003
750 2000-2003
1000 2001-2004 (a little bit higher?)
600/750 04/05 (7mm higher)

Bolt on:
2001-2003 600
2000-2003 750
2001-2004 1000
04-05 gsxr 600-750
Are all the exact same 4 bolt pattern.

01-06 1000 headers will fit.
you have to buy the same year pipe as you do headers.
05-06 headers are the most popular bc of the m4 gp slip on.

Rear rotors:
01-08 have the SAME REAR ROTORS

In the 750 the 1000 motor will bolt right up with the exception of the top right front motor mount. They do sell brackets that allow you a bolton or you can have a fab shop make some for you. You will need to buy a 1000 motor kit (harness, cdi, speedo, throttle body, radiator, oil cooler etc)

2000-03 750
2001-02 1000
2001-02 600
These are interchangeable, but som

96-99, 00-03, 04-05 have the same in the front pivot section, but the length is different (but not much).

03 1000 on my 600 and it fit perfect, but need the rear caliper and mount...

04-05 will fit with modifications.

Front forks:

00-03 750 forks and brakes. its cheapest, easiest and the better setup.
04 +750/600 or 05 + 1000 Better, more expensive.

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the 06 07 600/750 front nose fairrring doesnt quite interchange i have 07-750 forks on my 02-600 with an 02 nose.... the front 2 bolts line up but the back does not


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I think so, do a quick search in this forum, I think it also applies for 600 and 750. Let me know if you find out, and I'll update the first post :)

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Does anyone know if there is anything out there with interchangeable parts with other bikes?? I know on my Triumph I replaced the lame 2 pot front brakes with some 3 pot off of a Busa I believe.

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Thanks for the info. Helps alot. What about an 05 or 06 stock slipper clutch on an 01 600?
Not a direct swap, but with a few modifications it may just work. I've been working on it. Not progressing too well.:scratch

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Thanks for the info above... its helpful!

My motor on my 03 600 seized and I am looking to do a motor swap on it... I would love to put a 750 motor in my 600 frame, but what will I have to change? Above it doesn't mention anything about the 600-750 swap.


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A 600 to 750 engine swap requires new engine mounts (can be bought from Hybridracing) and a complete engine (with speedo and some more parts).

Seach the forum and you will find lots of info.

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What options do I have in changing the fuel pump on my 2001 gsxr 600? The price drop is significant from an k1 to a k4. Would a k4 gsxr 600 fuel pump fit on my k1?

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Anybody know about the gas cap's? Common thing.. I have one, can't get the lock out to change it over to my new lock...going to try and pick it..

I need a new gas cap on my 2000.. and wondering what one to go with.. 03-02-01, or 05-06?
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