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I've just picked up a set of 1993 gixxer 750 USD forks for my 1982 Katana 1000 (doing a resto-mod on the old girl.)

I'm planning to fit a 1994-style 750 front wheel with the straight spokes to match what I have for the rear.

Just wondering about what components will fit, as it'll probably be a case of mix-and-match with buying bits. I found this great thread; what front wheels interchange - Suzuki GSX-R Motorcycle Forums

The poster suggests that these front wheels are interchangeable;

88-95 GSXR 750
92-93 GSXR 600
89-98 GSXR 1100

So I also need calipers, speedo drive, axle and triple tree.

Do all these wheels have compatible rotors with width and offset? Also, are the caliper mounting points all the same? I'll stick with a 1994-1996 750 triple tree to play it safe but wondering about what's safe to match up before I start throwing money at eBay.

Any input or pointers to other threads with the info much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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