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First post here, and i start with a slabside question.

I have a 87 gsxr 1100 and i just rebuild my carbs with a keyster kit. I set the float height correct and i benchsynced them.

I have a friend that got vaccumclocks so i guess i will spend him i visit.

When i tried it today it ran very poor and it stumbled on low rpm. Above 5000rpm it went flat.

Air screw (or is it pilot) is 1,5 turns out ( as they were when i rebuilt them.

I noticed that the intake manifolds are quite hard but no visable cracks. I could bottom out the screws that clamp the carbs to the manifolds (like the manifolds are to big or the carbs are to small)

is there anyone who sells new intake manifolds to this bike? I have spent some time with the google machine but to no prevail:(

thanks Marten
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