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It might not be of much relevance, as I am quite a bit older than you at 27, and also married with a clean record, but ins. on my 05 Gixxer 600 is $13 a month for full coverage through State Farm. I had a Gixxer 750 when I was 21 with a not so clean record and then it was $39 a month. The trick with them is insure your car/cars, rental insurance or whatever with them as well. They give huge discounts for multiple policy holders.
Good luck though, some can be outrageous. Shop around would be my advice, and get all of your quotes in writing. It is funny how some companies will change from one day to the next.
Also, if you think that I live in some remote place with low rates, you would be wrong. I live in Denver, and the metro area has about 3,000,000 people, and is considered high risk for bike theft, etc.
If you finance though, try to get some sort of gap insurance. Some will say it is unecessary, but if you total your bike, you might find yourself holding the balance to pay off with nothing to show for it.
Good luck.
On a side note, I have known people who worked a second job just to support their "habit."
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