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Installed my Pazzo's...(pics)

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Well i got them on Saturday but worked through the weekend so i finally got a chance to install them this morning...haven't ridden with them yet but i love the look and feel so you go...

All comments welcomed!:cheers :punk
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look nice man. i still dont know whats so great about those though? how many miles you got on yur '04?
I just ordered one for the clutch side. Got a Brembo master on the brake side, and I don't give no shit if they match or not.
bike has only 3k on it, bought it in august with 1200...i like the short levers cause i only use 2 fingers to pull my clutch in and it makes it that much easier...and i got both cause i wanted them to match, as gay as that sounds
They look good, don't care for the sticker on the bike though, and put some miles on your bike man!
redlight_005 said:
They look good, don't care for the sticker on the bike though, and put some miles on your bike man!
Mileage means shit.
Bling means everything. :thumbup
dang on an '04. i think i have that many miles in my driveway LOL. ah just messin with ya man. looks nice though but that dude's right... get out and ride that thing!!! here ill share my ODO...

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Those are awesome!!! I didn't know those exist and I'm a one-finger-lever kinda guy, I'm going to pick up a set! I thought they only made those shorty levers for dirt bikes.
Thanks for all the kind words...i bought the bike late in the season so in the spring i'll start racking them up
mcoker: where have you been LOL we've been selling them like crazy to guys on this forum and you can get more info on them in our forum on here, we have a sale.

crg's have been around for a long time also. shorties are nothing new with aftermarket levers. Levers are definately a good mod...check out forum on here to get details on the sale. Our website has tons of pics to show you how the shorties look on the bikes compared to the longs. even a shortie brake and long clutch option.

welcome to 2 years ago :p hehe j/k
i gottem from corey too (motomummy) they rock
awesome! THanks for the info guys. It's funny, I actually used to ride a lot (street & track) in '02-03, but took a hiatus (read: sold my bikes and bought a house) and just got an '04 750 a few weeks ago. So I really am out of the loop with all the new hotness with street bike stuff.
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