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Hi gang!

I'm in dire need of inspiration, and perhaps some reassuring words, to get my behind out in the garage and start converting my 2020 to race spec.
The fairings have sat in a box for 3 months, and I've been overworked, to the point where I really am starting to worry (all the warning signs are there, no energy, nothing is fun lately).
However, the clock ticks, race season is here in 3 months, and I've got a bone stock street bike in the garage.

I've done a fair bit of work on bikes (and cars), so I know how to use a spanner...however, I've also swapped fairings on my wifes old gixxer 750, and there still are scars to prove it. :D

Are there any major pitfalls, major PITA's (apart from the fitment of the fairings - CRC - that I should be aware of?



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I am in the same boat as you at least with fairings. I've got some fairings already around, maybe I'll pick up more and do a nice paint job. From what I've seen, the fitment all depends on how well you drill holes and add fasteners if they're not included. And if you don't have a bike lift, your back is gonna hurt.

Just take your time, measure thrice and cut once, for general fasteners and for holes for any sliders if you need them. Lay down a towel or something under the bike so you don't scratch up the belly pan fitting everything.

I think you just gotta kinda go into it head first, but take your time. Make sure nothing rattles or vibrates or interferes with handlebars and brake lines and such.

Just think about how great it's gonna be out on track once you've got the crash-ready bodywork on, and it's all setup! I work all day as well, and sometimes I just gotta get a coffee, turn on some nice music in the garage, and focus in on the bike late into the evening. Inspiration and motivation are the biggest blocker for a lot of bike guys I know, you're not alone.

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