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I\'m back and I live in Vancouver now.

Not that any of you missed me, but I've been gone for a few months, and I just surfaced in Vancouver, BC. THANK GOD!!! It's fucking beautiful here.

Anyway, down to business:

I have two basic questions. One: How hard is it to get through the out of province bike inspections? Cars, I know, can be difficult. Are bikes also hard? Or is it a rubber stamp? I have a streetfighter and it's hard for me to imagine getting it through an inspection.

Two: If it's hard, has anybody got a line on a clear-titled, non-crashed frame for a watercooled 600 or 750? Then I could just swap over the parts and have a BC bike. Or even just the vin plate, really. Anything to get the bike on the road here. My insurance in Quebec ran out and I can't renew it with a BC license, which I now have.

Any Ideas?
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