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Im a new squid in need of help.

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Hello all, I've been browsing these forums on here for months counting down the days for my bike test and now off in another lockdown its been held back again so I've given in.

im going to get a 99 maybe 2000 sad 600, yes i know this is going to be pointless to you all but IF and WHAT can i do to get the most potential out of the SRAD, i live close to Santapod Raceway like literally 10 minutes and would like a mini drag build.
Its pointless doing extended arm, turbo etc etc until i get a 1000 to do it to, however, can i get it up jetted, tuned on the dyne, anything after market? i need ALL the help i can get please. i can ever fab anything up if need be as I'm a welder just send some drawings over, cheers in advance :)
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what happened to that squid vicious dood who was into tranny swappin?
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