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93 gsxr750w, looking for part numbers of spark plug wire ends, at the plugs.
I took the dyna coils off my gs1150, and put them on the 750 and it runs great, however the plug end of 1 wire is rattling when I shake it. I figure with the heat and age, its time to replace them.
I have a roll of 7mm solid core ignition wire, and have made a few sets with no issue. I originally bought the complete dyna 2000 kit for the gs, and the wires are shit. the coil end boots don't fit properly, and I also found the plug ends to be cheap and never could get them to seat properly so they ended up in the trash.
I've looked on a number of sites and cant find any listings other than oem ends, has anyone found a good replacement?
I thought the best place to start would be NGK, but they have no listings, anyone?
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