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In today’s economic environment people are generally looking for bargains and or ways to use alternate products to save money that will still get the job done. In the motorcycle market some of you are using diesel oils and a few automotive oils to save money on servicing your bikes. With this said I would like to let you know that at AMSOIL we have several synthetic oils that meet motorcycle and wet clutch spec’s that are priced lower than our premium motorcycle oils. For those of you that still want to use a diesel oil in your bike we can save you money on that product as well, although we are not recommending it's use in your bike. Some of these lower priced synthetic oils will save over $3.00 a quart at retail prices placing them just a dollar or two above dino oil prices. Spending an extra $5.00 to $10.00 on an oil change is peanuts when compared to gas prices since gas is used in a hurry, but good oil is working for you for many miles before it’s work is done.

Our AMSOIL dealer group is offering bottom line prices to forum members so when dealing with us you are saving money on AMSOIL products plus helping support this site through our advertising dollars.
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