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I'm the sort of person that likes doing my own thing, but in a group.

Like motorbike riding, I be by myself on the bike so I get to do my own thing, make my own judgement calls, but frequently there's other bikes with me. As like skydiving, I have my own parachute and do everything I want, but with others around me to consider.

So this past while I've been thinking of learning to do a wee bit of stunt riding, as learning how to wheelie a motorbike (properly) is on my bucket list.

All of this would be carried out in a private car park, that is empty and locked closed at the weekends and night, and I have permission to use it.

I was thinking of picking up a cheap bike, around £1500 - £2000, taking of a few parts that would break if dropped, as I expect it to happen a lot, fit with crash protectors, and have old protective clothing, back/chest protectors, helmet etc that I don't care if they get scuffed and battered.

I was just wondering is a sports bike a good bike for this sort of thing or are naked bikes more suited.

Cheers :)
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