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I just purchased a new gixxer 1000....

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This is my first bike ever....I look awesome on it. Bought a set of leathers, an $800 helmet gloves and all that - safety first, is what the dealer told me (ya right- he just wants to sell me some more stuff). To make it more appealing to the chicks, I put a GPS on the bike too - Spent $20K out the door financed.

The power is amazing. In fact yesterday, I peepee'd in my pants on my ride home. My question is, what do you guys do to control your bladder output?
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As a geriatric nurse, i can hook you up with all the incontinent needs..from diapers like Depends to a F/16 Foley Catheters..lemme kno' what u need so u don't mess up the beauty of your worries it's FREE..Medicare paid for it
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