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I'm feeling like a complete dumbass cuz i didn't even get the pricks handle before hand...

The item I purchased from the seller was suppose to be a 96/97 radiator in good condition with no bends...

When the item arrived it came in a thin cardboard box that had been duct taped together. Not only on the top and bottom to hold the box together, but also to "patch" holes that apparently existed before shipping. When I saw the box on my doorstep the corner of the radiator had punctured the box. When I opened it, I found the radiator wrapped in a single plastic grocery bag with another grocery bag below it. The radiator was not in the condition that it was advertised in, mounts had been broken off and it was severely bent.

When I contacted the post office they said the box and packaging was not sufficient to protect the item.

I have made several attempts to contact the seller, but he has been completely unresponsive.

His name and email:

Ali Kendal
[email protected]

address & phone numbers are:

337 Merrimac St

(708)283-9136 home
(708)516-2955 cell

If some knows his name on this site post it up... admins mods?!?!
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