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i cant find parts anywheres...

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i need helps guys...ive tried the wanted sections.....4-sale, e-bay, 13x site....just about everywhere else
.....what i still need and cant find....
04 6/750 parts:
*L side rear subframe(or whole subframe at a decent price)
*front rim(with skin if you have it)
*possibly tank if i cant undent mine........

if you have or know anyone that has these parts please let me know.....thanks guys.....
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Oneida Suzuki has the best prices by far! they are also a site sponsor, so give them a call and you will get even better prices from them!! The left subframe is $207.99 before a GDC discount.......... Ron Ayers is $228.00. Ebay watns around $200+ for the set, but you will not know what it is like until it may be too late and you get a bent one. Ebay is great for some things, but others it can be a pain in the ass.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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