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Yep, I’m sick.

You all may remember my post about crashing and burning down my 2k1 F4i, . Yes, it was an accident. Well, I have mostly recovered from the shoulder separation. Now I want a bike!

That damn video post of the Sporpion exhaust will make anyone lust for the Big Gix. Crap, I woke up in the middle of the night with that stupid guitar riff playing in my head and visions of a silver/black K6 screaming down the road. Then, today I was online for six hours waiting for the Laguna Seca Moto GP site to pull itself together to actually take orders. Another symptom of the disease is that I was entertaining the idea of incorporating a black/copper K7 GSX-R into a Halloween costume for next year.

Will these short cold days of winter be filled with this madness? Is my only relief to look forward to the Moto show in December, then wait another four months for the new bikes to hit the floors? As they say, patience is a virtue. But, this is ridiculous.


PS- This morning I watched a TiVo recoerding of the Mugello GP. It was wild!
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