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I'm frustrated with this forum, I put a post up because I'm looking for parts, but it's been taken down because it wasn't in the classified section! I go to the classified section but I'm not allowed to post a thread as I have insufficient privileges. 馃が
I just want to reach other people with GSXRs who might have spare parts for sale! Why is it so difficult!

Likes to race old junk.
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Yep...minimum 10 post count before you can post in the Classifieds.
But that's 10 posts that actually contribute something...some folks think they can get around it by being a post whore, posting meaningless crap becomes obvious.
It helps keep the flakes out. You used to actually have to be a paid site supporter, to do such things...way better! Again, it helped separate those who just joined long enough to flog their shit.

If it's too much to ask, as in being a contributing member of this community...then there is always Facebook marketplace, has looser rules etc.
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