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to make a long story short buddy wrecked new bike the day he got it brand new gsxr 600 2 miles on it and it was on its side so we are tryin to get it back to rideable hopefully he learned that the 600 is no bullshit but neways we have most of the parts orderd but the kickstand sensor is reading that it is always down even when its up so when the shifter comes and he can shift it again its giogn to shut off as soon as he puts it in gear so ne help would be greatly appreciated we would like to bypass as of right now for a cheap fix

thanks alot

glad i didnt let him ride mine .........neone got any left side plastics or tail section for black and silver 05 gsxr 600 if not i dont care if he rides rashed jsut as long as he is back on the road i feel bad for him im a newb too but knock on wood i am very respectful of my bike and am learning slowly also on the waiting list for msf course 600s are no bull shit tho neone who is asking if they should get one for their first bike my answer is i doubt it dont get me wrong i love my bike but i rode dirt bikes since i was knee high and this thing has more power than most experienced riders could use to its potential

but thanks alot guys
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