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How To Change Motorcycle Tires

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Why would anyone want to change their own tires? Isn’t it hard work that usually involves at least one bleeding knuckle? Don’t the tools cost a small fortune when you consider that shops only charge about 25 bucks for the service? Well, some riders don’t live within a few miles of a bike shop. And some folks, well, they’ve always got to do things themselves.

The good news is that, overworked sweat glands aside, changing tires is relatively easy – once you have the right tools. All you really need is a bead breaker, a set of tire irons, some dish soap, and a tire balancing stand.

Begin with your bike on front and rear stands. Once you’ve removed a wheel, unscrew the valve core with a valve stem tool. After the tire has finished its lengthy sigh, place your wheel on an old tire or other work surface. Whatever support you use, you want to make sure the wheel is not resting on a brake disc while you’re working on the bead. Discs bend all too easily and are quite expensive.
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Yes, it's easy to change the tire of the motorcycle. Nice thread, excellent info.
Thanks for sharing.
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