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Well I wanted some light weight wheels that looked good. So I settled on the PVM Y5's and had them chromed.

Sorry I didn't get the front wheel weighed. I got the rear a few days before the front and sent the front off to get chromed the second I got it.
These are on a 03 gsxr 1000. rear wheel is complete and ready to bolt on bike without brake disc, sprocket, and tire. So it includes the bearings and spacers.

stock rear 16lb 3oz
stock rear powder coated gloss black 16lb 7oz
PVM Y5 rear 13lb 5.5oz
PVM Y5 rear chromed 13lb 13.5oz

and rotor weights.
stock front 3lb 2oz
galfer wave front 2lb 11oz
stock rear 1lb 11.75oz
pvm race wave style rear rotor 1lb 2.25oz

Just some interesting figures for those looking for performance.

so chroming the PVM Y5 rear wheel added 8oz
powdercoating the stock rear wheel added 4oz and that was with me sanding all the casting smooth and removing all the casting markes.
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