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A valid reply was given...are there really no gas stations located conveniently along your daily commute?
Cool! We must both work in remote locations, my job takes me North of the Arctic Circle...gas stations are far and few between there too.
It hardly seems worth the it just for peace of mind?...running out of gas anxiety?
I've carried gas on my KLR, during 1000 mile days...but 70 miles each way, likely a little over an hour on the you have to stop and fill it up every day...really? What are you hoping to achieve?
The Australians on here, aren't afraid to bolt ginormous racks on to their sport bikes, to make them far more practical for long distance trips...that's an option.
Are you thinking of those silly aluminium 1 litre thermos bottle looking things? I wouldn't carry one in a back pack, it won't fit in the tail...I'd probably just stop for gas at the next off-ramp.
Welcome to the forum...don't be so sensitive.

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Worst I ever did on my 750 was 85 miles on a full tank
Guess this was a combo of low temperatures, lots of sprints, low tire pressure, etc.

I would think that if I had to worry about doing at 70 miles to a full tank, there is something wrong in fuel delivery and would start searching for leaks

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I commute 70 miles from NJ to NYC. Looking to carry extra fuel bottle, I'll likely mount an MSR bottle with a clamp somewhere. Anybody do this before? 2003 GSXR 750
I commute from Ocean County to Manhattan and get there and back everyday with plenty left in the tank?
Where are you commuting from & to?
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