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I'd say +1 race harness if it exists, but is the problem that the headlight is structural or that the plugging of the wiring won't work? Because on some GSXR's the headlight is what holds the instrument cluster on.

If it was me, I'd see if the race fairing has the appropriate mounts for the gauge cluster and any other accessories built in, and if not, I think I would probably go hunt down a beat up used headlight from ebay, and cut off all the actual lens and lighting parts, and just save the part that has all the mounts, and figure out a way to glue or screw it onto the race bodywork. Then just take the stock harness and heat shrink over the plugs I wouldn't be using anymore, and zip tie or tuck them away safely.

Shouldn't be too difficult to set up race bodywork, I helped a buddy do it a few years back on an R6 he crashed, and it wasn't bad. Good amount of cutting/gluing and test fitting though to get stuff to align.

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