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1st off I'd like to admit I'm not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed however I'm ok twisting wrenches and feel confident in taking on pretty much any task on a motorcycle.

today I got pretty damn frustrated and walked away from a project before I slit my wrists.

I'm freshening up a low mileage Busa for a co-worker. Pretty much everything is done that needed to be.

He wanted me to install a Fender Eliminator kit, so he ordered a Competition Wereks kit along with some mini directional's. It came in bare finish, much to shiny so I had my local Powder Coater coat all of the pieces in a nice semi flat black to match the plastic on the under tray of the bike.

Today was the day for me to install this, the directions that came with the kit are simply useless. 1st their Black and White, secondly these directions looked like they were scanned 500 million times, any fine detail in the 3-4 pics that would have aided me in understanding how to fucking install this was lost to the Gods of Xerox. Furthermore the step by step written directions were a jumbled mess, much like how I write posts such as this.

The scary part was cutting the factory plastic under-tray\storage area, I mean if you fuck up theirs not much ability to go back. Measurements and Directions were in 2 dimensions yet were showing angled cuts that you had to make, but with the poor quality directions you had to guess, simply horrible, HORRIBLE.

Towards the end of the day I was able to successfully modify the factory Taillight, was able to fit the louvered pan to the tail in a mocked in fashion, and was able to cut out the factory under-tray\storage area I think the way I was suppose to, though I may have cut out to much?

Was also able to get the new Directionals test fitted to their mount, and mock up that assembly into the trunk area, just got to figure out how to bolt that in.

All in all, I will never take on another fender eliminator install again, no matter how much cash is offered.

Pics below. Basically nothing is final, I gave up at this point, cleaned up a bit and will get at it tomorrow when mentally rested and not as pissed.


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Came out ok I guess. Most guys just trim the fender down a bit and make their own eliminator.

Is it too late to see if your buddy wants to use a tail light integrator instead of the blinkers?? Got mine through Motomummy and was $60 I think.

This is the exact model I have:
Integrated LED TailLight Turn Signals Hayabusa 99-07 - TechParts
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