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So, I rode up to meet a few enthusiasts at the 'Fuel Cafe' for a smaller bike night last night.
I'm walking the line with my friend and ne mentions that it's a TransAlp! It looked like a cool, older adventure bike.
It has the year sticker right on it as 1989. It had a beefy aluminum skid plate, etc. I didn't think much of it and went inside to eat a bit and talk to some other riders I know at the table.

One of them, Jason- is an avid enthusianst, and often does these on/off road adventure rides all over the country! He was talking about previous ones, and one he's dong soon near Vermont? Anyways, he mentions the TransAlp, and how he had thought that they were not even imported to the US. It's a Honda, We think it's a 700ish?

So some of us were outside talking about to leave and the owner of the transalp walks up and is putting on his helmet. He start talking and he states that he has had it a month, it's all original- muffler and all and he bought it in Ohio, from someone who collected bikes and 'had too many' so sold it to him. I didn't ask the miles. He did say it had new allow rims b/c the stock ere known to corrode thru at the spoke holes. It came with gold rims he says, there are AM and silver.

It was a great night all around. I try and bring rare bikes to this forum, as I know many of you are way more of an enthusiast than I am. Most of you forgot more than I ever knew LOL.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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