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Home made bike lift

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Built it over the weekend :biggrin

Decided to paint the frame, :chucks

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I was thinking on clasps for sure. Wheels would be interesting, and certainly make it easier to roll around to the back of the truck or location where you wanted to take it. Lifting would probably require an extra person... so wheels are good, and it beats dragging it... and ultimately degrading the finished product.
Rather than attaching wheels. I would simply buy a flat dolly cart pictured below. Stand the bike lift up long ways, teeter it onto the flat dolly and walk it to where ever you'd like. Wouldn't have to attach or reattach any wheels to the stand. Plus, you could use the dolly for other things. Or simply use a stand up dolly. Flat dolly's can be bought anywhere for 30-40 bucks. Or make one for a lot less.


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