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Put a hole in my oil pan and need to replace it. Any recommended Replacements, part numbers, vendors, cost?
Should I just bring it back to the dealer and have them replace it with OEM parts? If so, what's fair to pay for parts and labor?

Or, can someone recommend an aftermarket oil pan?
After 20 years of riding 1000s, this is my first lowered bike. 1inch by raising the forks in the tree, and 1-1.5 in back with a Brocks adjustable link.
Should I go with a billet pan with more ground clearance? If so, recommended part number, vendor and cost?
The bike will remain under factory warranty, and otherwise OEM Stock, until I sell it.
Thanks in advance for any help.

My own research below:
OEM oil pan part# 11511-17K00
$105 at Oneida

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You'll have to remove the exhaust too, so throw new header gaskets on that parts list. Pan is $108 at Should be a pretty simple job, so do it yourself. Just need a torque wrench and the specs for the bolts.
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