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HMF Exhaust

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Just found this HMF slipon for the K6 600/750 on ebay. It looks awsome. Does anyone have any experience with the exhausts from HMF Manufactoring?
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Looks like they specialize in dirt bike/off road applications, might be worth a shot. It would be better in black.
Buy it and let us know
You can get them in all diferent colors to match your bike, I was actually checking them out to get for a minute. That one is the match for the black/maroon 750. I hear they are loud as hell, which is what really turned me off about them and that the exhaust comes out right under your foot and real low to the ground.:eek


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just doesnt look right
I had one on my quad Honda 450R it was a great pipe well built and loud. A lot of guys run them on the Hayabusa's but I think they are ugly for our bikes.
nope that looks bad. the tip needs to go up some like stock with a bigger tip as well.
Yeah, If it was a larger diameter pipe and had a cover it would be a taylormade ..

but loud.. :D
I think it would look trick in black. But i'm looking for a can that is on the quiet side, and it seemes like the HMF is not it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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