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HID lighting help

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I recently installed a HID lighting system into my '02 gixxer. The light is AWESOME but my only problem is it luminates everywahere but in front of me.. I think because of the reflector caps in the headlight assembly in front of the bulb. Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it?
Any ideas anyone????

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most guys that are installing the HID are doing it to the projector bulb (round lower light) thus eliminating this problem...
hope that helps..
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Is there a kit for '00 6er's? pm me? thanks.
Hey rocket scientist, the 02 doesn't have the bottom round projector lamp, your answer does no good for the question.
Take a look at my post (HID ???K)... Budlightinmyhand and i had an extensive conversation about HID's and all that is entailed with them. BTW we all are riding the same model gixxers. Hope it helps!
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