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Hi I am new here✋?

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I am a Registered Nurse in the crazy virus ? area! However, I am lucky enough to own a 2007 GSXR 600 she has 8000 miles on her and the only problem I have is that I am 5’1” tall and have a hard time backing up my bike. I wear boots yet I am still a bit short. I hear that lowering the bike is not the best idea. I have seen a thread on seat shaving and I am going to try it!! Stacy ?
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Hi Stacy, welcome. Kudos for not just automatically lowering the bike. I'd suggest walking it in reverse and not trying to do it on the bike. Stand on the right side so you're not reaching over the bike for the front brake.
Thank you ?
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Vic, I honestly believe that it won’t be that long. All evidence points to approx 45 days as long as people get on board with social distancing. NYC is doing what needs to be done by closing mostly everything. Drive thru testing is being set up in a lot of places. Things will turn around fairly quick I hope us Nurses are working day and night!
Also, the bill is going to pass for everyone who can’t work to be paid (I hope)
Thanks, that is promising. Yes you guys will be working your asses off. Thanks in advance.

Also my name is Bob. Vic Armstrong is just the guy who said that quote in my signature. ?
oh Sorry ?, you are welcome and thanks for the appreciation! Safe riding my friend.
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Thank you, I am trying to do just that but the damn virus has got me working day and night!! Nothing is wrong with right side I think it’s a bad pic
I believe it! People should have been distancing long before now!!
Definitely, there is some good news from the scientists. so let’s keep our fingers crossed gentlemen and we will all get out of this virus free!! ?
What is the good news?
Scientists in Australia have a medication that completely kills the virus, morena a company in Massachusetts has already started trial vaccines, Kaiser has also, Canadian and DUTCH scientists Were able to isolate and replicate the virus so that should help with development on a vaccine, and John Hopkins has been able to get the antibodies from infected patients so they are also making a so called “antidote”. China and South Korea have both had the number of recoveries be greater then the number of infected and that number has been increasing over the last 3 days. Web. People stop being assholes and work together amazing things can happen ?
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