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Hi there.
I'm swapping out the top yoke and clip-ons from the USD forks fitted to my 1980 GSX1100/ET/X but I'm having trouble pinning down exactly which non standard top yoke I already have fitted.
Until I can find exactly what's on there at the moment I can't carry out the swap to standard bars and there's x8not enough metal in the underside of the yoke to drill so I'm going to be buying a kit.
The general opinion is that the top yoke is from one of the water cooled GSXR1100s from around 94/5.
The underside is marked with X8943-1 but I can only find fork legs with X8943 (L&R) when I run it through Google. These do appear to be GSXR1100 legs which seems to suggest I'm looking in the right direction.
There are some yokes on a Korean website that come up as X8943-2 but that doesn't really help.

The favour : Could any of you 1100W owners please see if you can take an awkward look at the underside of your top yoke when you're next near your bike and see if it's marked X8943-1 to confirm the exact model and year.
Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to thank you afterwards too.
Oh some pics below and they "seem" to be 50mm at the clamping area, 22mm stem according to my crappy Chinese digital calipers.
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