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Here's the deal...I made an aluminum fender eliminator for my RG. It works. I'd make one (or more) for you all with the F/G/H models if there's interest in it. I was going to make one special for Mr Gixxer's Old Skool Project anyway (I'm such a brown noser
) but I could be convinced to spend the time this winter making them for others.

I just need to do 3 things...

1- make a prototype and template for the F/G/H's

2- figure out a price (I'm hoping to keep it under $30 a unit...what, you thought they'd be free??)

3- figure out how many are wanted...and how long it takes to make them.

Shipping is easy...I sent one to suzukiltd today, via USPS for $3.95 He's going to be a test subject for me and tell me what's wrong with it...hopefully it'll be a short list of flaws.

I just need to get the parts from a F/G/H to compare the mounting points and the lighting mount points.

So if you're interested in an aluminum fender eliminator...let me know.

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