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Here we go................

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As you can see, we now have our own forum for posting and info for the run up to the TT races, so big thankyou to Mr Gixxer, this is now where you will find all the latest info on the team.

For more info on where we are so far, see the sticky post on the gsxr 1000 forum.

The races are now only 4 weeks away, with the first week as practice week, the second week is race week with races every alternate day. First race is the formula 1 TT race on 31st MAY. I will be taking my laptop over and digital camera and i hope to be posting everyday, keeping you guys informed of what is going on at the island and in the team along with some pics. I will also get dave our rider to answer any specific questions you may have about riding and racing around the TT circuit, so ask away when we are there.

However, we still need your donations. When our main sponsor pulled out, i approached the site to ask if we could race as the official team, assuming we could raise enough money through the site to replace the sponsor that let us down. We need to raise approx $7500 and so far we are at $925. thanks to all those who have donated so far, but we still need more donations. donations can be made via my paypal account, at [email protected] . for those that cannot pay via paypal, JeffW has a page on his site that can accept all sorts of payments for the TT race team. We need some doantions asap. the link to jeffs page is

thanks again to everyone that has donated so far

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Well, donated what I can let go of at the moment. Good luck, gents!
35 bucks coming your way via paypal.

I wish you guys all the best. One of my goals is to go to IOM one day. But that's an expensive trip from the US...
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Latest update.......

Carbon 24 litre tank and carbon airbox now fitted to the F1 GSXR1000 bike along with the PC3r. Just waiitng for a space on the dyno to get the PC set up correctly.

We decided to get the forks revalved on the 600 and 750...nothing like leaving it to the last thanks to racecomponents for offerng to do that for us. Looks like we have also got an ohlins shock for the 600, a second hand unit at a bargain price, will have to wait and check out its condition on saturday.

The 750 has a hyperpro shock and steering damper, and these have gone back to hyperpro for checking. I have a feeling the damper has a slight leak from an oil seal so wanted to be sure. the shock has been sent for revalving as although fine for normal track work, the isle of man is a very punishing circuit, so again wanted to be sure all was working fine.

hopefully get the F1 bike back next week from the dyno, will post graphs and figures to show what we have done on the bike. Last October with No engine work, but a yoshi full system, the bike made 150 rear wheel HP and we are now hoping for 180. It made 172 before the carbon air box and pc3r were bought.

Only 3 weeks to go till we get on the ferry so still plenty to usual everything comes together at the last minute...........

thanks to all that have donated so far
, if anyone is still looking to donate, we still need extra cash.....

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Good look Guys! I lived on the IOM for 5 yrs ('90 - '95) Got to the the TT and Southern 100 races every year - I lived about 200 yards from the Southern 100 pits - an awesome experience. Every true two-wheeler should make the trip at LEAST once in their life. Do be careful - a$$ load of idiots that should be on bikes! Those of you not used to driving on the other side of the road be extra careful - saw and heard about too many fatal crashes from running headfirst into a car because the biker was on the wrong side of the road.
Hey Eric,
Sorry I cant contribute to the IOM gixxer fund but broke as motherfucker since buying a house this year,
I am heading to the IOM this year for the racing, ( being so broke i have to fly ) but ill be looking for you all when over there.

Best of luck at the races,
Cant wait to see a bike tearing it up


See ya there
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Only 2 weeks to go til we get on the ferry and everything as usual seems like a mad rush to get it all together at the last minute.

I am hopefully collecting the F1 bike form the dyno centre tomorrow, saturday, assuming the bike has been set up. A slight problem in that a friend borrowed our new carbon air tubes for another riders bike competing in the north west 200 races in ireland. His own air tubes had not arrived, so i let him take our's assuming we would take his when they arrived, but they have not turned up yet. So this is now delaying the dyno-ing of the bike. Will post up some pics and the dyno charts when i have them.

The forks for the 600 and 750 are still in france, being revalved. The sponsor stickers have been ordered. the transponders for the race timing have arrived. new bodywork being built next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really dont know if we can get it painted in time. Tyres should have arrived, but the bloke who i have ordered them from is being a bit vague at the moment....i think he forgot about our order..... new wheel spindles for the 750 and 1000 now wont arrive until after the TT !!!!

So a fairly hectic time all round at the moment

will post more over the weekend hopefully


ps. i am now seriously out of pocket for the whole venture. the site has raised almost $1100 now, but i could still do with some more help.
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well i didnt get to collect the 1000, still not been dyno'd as we do not have any air tubes at the moment. hopefully collect it midweek. the bike looks great with its carbon tank on though.

lots still to sort out..will post more during the week

We really need to see some pix of things as they are going along.
I will have some pics as soon as i get the F1 bike back from the dyno place. The 600 and 750 are currently stripped being rebuilt to race spec. The forks are still in france being revalved and should be back by saturady.

I know a picture tells a story, so as soon as i can get some i will post.

been to the sticker shop this morning discussing our requirements as time is running out again!

Everything looks like it will come together in time, first practice is saturday week, in the late afternoon/early evening

Panic now starting to set in. we are on the ferry in 7 days time. the forks are still in France and due to an industrial action strike
they will not be back to us on Saturday, but will now be Tuesday! nothing like a last minute rush!

The F1 bike is allegedly being dynod today, friday, so i will be collecting it on Saturday, assuming it has been dynoed and set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will get some pics and post them along with the dyno stats.

still got to work out the captive nuts and bearing arrangement for the quick release wheel system on the F1 bike plus fit the trick rear Brembo caliper.

still so many things to sort out. the 600 bodywork only arrived from the manufacturers yesterday, so that is being painted today, should be ready by next thursday.

the stress of it all is starting to show.

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Got the F1 bike back from being dynod, see report under race bike update for all the figures;

Working on the bikes for most of saturday and will be working all day today, Sunday as well. I will take my digital camera today and get some pics to post up, but most of the bikes are still in bits.

Cannot believe there are only 5 days to go........

thanks to all those of you that have donated towards the cost of the races so far.

i have received donations totalling $1165 so far, a long way short of the $7500 we were after, but something is better than nothing. i will keep the donation links open over the 2 weeks of the races, just in case some good people decide to make a last minute donation or to reward us for our hopefully good results.

i have funded the rest of the project from my own pocket, so have a big overdraft at the moment. we have one or two other sponsors that we have managed to get together to cover some of the costs, but i really wanted to do this the correct way, so i funded the balance myself.

BIG thanks to Dean (YOSHGSXR) and the good people at Cycle brakes for offering some Galfer brake lines and some Galfer HH race pads for the 750 and the 600. all these bits n pieces save us spending some of the money raised, as we know we will get through a fair few brake pads when we get there, so thanks again

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Wednesday morning........

the forks arrived back yesterday, a big relief. the 750 is now starting to take shape again. The forks and front end have now been fitted and the bodywork gets collected from the paintshop this morning. On friday it goes to the dyno to be yosh boxed, which is the only legal way of tweaking the fuel in the production class.

this year the proddie class has to run a full original exhaust, not even allowed a race end can. Power commanders and the like are also banned, so yosh boxing the ecu is the only thing that can be done to boost performance and fuel economy. I think they will be very strict this year as there were a few protests last year, especially on the gsxr 1000's when alot of people were unsure if they could remove the SET valves in the exaust. no question this year!

only 2 days to go, the F1 bike is virtually ready, even the number boards have now been painted white. still lots of bits to get and collect. the hyperpro shock should be back from its rebuild today, its been reprung and revalved as it was too soft last year and struggled to cope with the very high speed bumps.

First practice is saturday evening, but the forcast looks sh*t, hopefully the weather will improve.

i will start to run a daily diary when we are over there, so i will post details

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