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2006 GSXR 600

I just recently switched my old fuel pump assembly with a brand new fuel pump assembly for my bike just Saturday 1/19

Put everything back together.

Today, I did a cold start on it.

Pump primed and the bike started up immediately. The bike was running fine, trying to heat itself up, I started revving the throttle. Sounded great 😏😏. Then I let the back idle and then suddenly it shut off. All of this was about 30 seconds.

After I started it again, bike warmed up and didn’t die once warm. Took out for a spin and ran like a champ.

My question is why would it shut off suddenly while cold starting it?

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Could be lots of things: worn plugs, low idle, something causing it not to fast idle. If you start it cold, without applying throttle, what engine speed does it idle at? Does that speed fall after half a minute or so? How low does it get if it does?
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