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From: <[email protected]>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 12:28 PM
Subject: HELP

> Dear: friend,
> I wish to introduce myself to you. I am ROSA JONAS SAVIMBI. I am the wife
> to the late leader of the National Union for The Total Independence of Angola
> (UNITA) Jonas Savimbi. My husband who was killed during combat action against
> government force in the Central Eastern Province of Moxico, Angola on the
> 22nd Of Feb 2002.I have the sum of One Hundred million United States
> dollars. This money was realized from Diamond Royalties that was paid to
> my late husband Jonas Savimbi (UNITA) From Diamond Companies Mining These
> Precious Stones In The Areas We Controlled In Angola. UNITA has been in
> Control of some part of Angola for more than three decade. As a result of
> the death of my husband Jonas Savimbi. The government of president Santos
> has asks UNITA to lay down their arms and surrender. But were reliably informed
> that president Santos will embark on ethnic cleansing on the members of
> UNITA if we are Captured.
> Consequently, I left Angola with members of my family through the borders
> of a neighboring Country on exile, with the help of my brother in law Richard
> Savimbi we were able to arrange the $100 Million USD (ONE HUNDRED MILLION
> US DOLLARS) in 5 trunks boxes and took it along with us to Mauritius.
> The boxes of money has been lodged, as photo material and artifacts on behalf
> of a foreigner with a security company for safe keeping here and Nobody
> knows that this money belongs to the UNITA. I solicit for your assistance
> and cooperation in getting the funds overseas from Mauritius.
> At the conclusion of this business you will be given35% of the total amount
> while 60% will be for me and My family while 5% will be for expenses both
> parties may incur in the course of making this transaction Successful. I
> wish to assure you of a
> good business relationship and all logistic is in place for the successful
> conclusion of this Business deal, on receipts of your positive response
> i shall forward to you more details on the exact role which is required
> of you for the successfully conclusion of this transaction's we look forward
> to your earliest response.
> I want to reply back to this box for security reason thank you Email [email protected]
> Phone +873 763 432 275 Fax number +873 763 432 276.Richard will be there
> to attend to your call as I have handed over the transaction to him due
> to health reasons but I will always be there. I hope to meet you soon.Thank
> you and God bless.

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mpd... that's fuggin' hilarious. bwahahahah.

...... :sigh: and almost true. I get those faxes at work weekly.

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I only had to read the first line, to me that translates to "Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a land far away there lived a handsome prince...."
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