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I cannot decipher the vin on my bike after searching online as well as this site for several hours. My local Suzuki dealer says my bike is a '92 model. My title and registration says it's a '94 model. I believe it to be a '95 model. I have been told that motorcycles are released in Europe 1 year prior to being released in the U.S. I'm not sure if this is true, but it would explain the '94 on the paperwork.

The frame could have been swapped out, although I doubt it because of the amount of labor involved. Also I have the ownership paperwork, dating back to 1994, showing all owners (5 including me) from when it was purchased new in Germany. After the first owner, the bike was transferred to the Czech Republic and has remained here since.

This all started when I ordered and purchased a new oem ignition switch from my local Suzuki dealer. The aftermarket switch failed and needed replacing. The new switch has 4 wires and a different connector. The old switch has 6 wires. After going back to the dealer and discussing the problem, he double checked the part number and the vin. The vin came up as a '92 model. Below are pics including the vin plate, neck stamp and engine number in hopes that someone can help me with this problem or point me to where I might find the information I am seeking.


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You don't have a VIN number in Europe on these old bikes but rather a VDS number which is of little help. The VDS decode of GR7AB simply means you have a 4 cylinder 749cc motorcycle.
G (Multiple cylinder sport street)
R (700—749cc)
7 (4-stroke, four)
A (This digit tells the model version. The first version uses 1, the second 2 and so on. Letters A, B, C... are used after the 9 is used. )
B (Generally an A is used for the base model with non-restricted (full) power output. Different letters can be used for new or special editions of the same model.)

Now the engine code is R717, which doesn't really help. R716 was the last oil cooled gen in 91-92. but the first gen watercooled engines I believe were R720 series (at least in the states).

In all likelihood, you probably have a 92-95 GSX-R750 (surprise!)

The better option would be to locate the part number on your old ignition switch and order that, rather than going by the year, but I know the 1100s prior to 93 had 4 wire connectors, and 93 and later had the 6 wire.

Not much help I'm afraid. Good luck.
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