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Putting in a new clutch right now so i cleaned the oil pick up tube. And decided to buy a oil pan baffle.

My question is should I bother buying the high volume oil pump and High pressure relief valve? The motor is bone stock.

Or should I just buy the High pressure relief valve?

The valve is super easy to change just push it in right?

Does the valve have to go in a certain way or just push it in?

Just a little unsure if I want to pull that clutch basket off to change the oil pump.That nut looks like a pain in the ass how would you keep it from spinning?

Also since I am asking when I put this new clutch in should I soak the clutches in oil? Also should I have to prime the oil pump (even if I leave the old one in) Now that the pan and cover have been off for 4-5 days?
How do I prime it (K61000)?

Should I TAKE THOSE ADJUSTER LIFTER pins right out? Does that help taking the lifter pins out?

Where do you add the extra steel to the clutch pack?
I am also adding Brocks heavy duty springs.

I do street drive and drag race the bike. Last question if I do take all 3 lifter pins out,when putting in the new clutch what do I adjust as far as the centre phillips screw in the centre of the clutch basket with the 10mm bolt and 12 mm bolt.

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it.:cheers
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