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Hey completely lost on this new set of hotbodies track fairings i purchased. these are superbike setup that does NOT use the Oem seat.

So my e-racing fairings(similar to below first pic) use the front horizontal OEM seat mounting bolt holes, plus the top of the back tail bolt holes, plus the back underneath bolt holes.

The hotbodies on the other hand...only has the back of tail top and underneath bolt hole access. The front of the tail is has provisions for 4 bolt holes as you can see in the picture, but these bolt holes dont have any related mounting points on the actual bike...nothings there?!? am i supposed to make some sort of bracket or what? am i supposed to cut holes in my foam seat to put bolts through?/

So here is the kicker...i call the head guy over at Hotbodies and he doesnt quit understand...then i send him pictures and he is like "oh thats interesting... i guess you just mount the back"

this is the actual tail and my bike without the tail piece on....

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