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hi guys things have gone tits up this week.
i took my 02 K1 gsxr 750 for suspension set up, yeh it rides fine now.
but on the way there it had trouble starting, and its been that way since, back firing and front firing into the airbox.
so i took off the pair mod and the tre and also set my PCII map to the zero map,
i also checked the air filter (k+n) thats fine.
my plugs are fouled up, must have been running rich.
i think it could be shit petrol (gas to you none uk guys)
but once its running it goes like fuck.
when i 1st cleaned the plugs it started 1st time,
so now i`ve took pair off (thats not gonig back on as it was fine before i put it on) and the tre off, i`ve just got to cleen my plugs again and try it.
i`ve ordered some new ngk iridium plugs so maybe that will help..
any ideas?

please mail me direct if you can.
[email protected]

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thanks to leanangle
i`ve sorted out my starting trouble.
it seem that i must have got water onto the ECU/PCII connector.
as sprayed it with wd40, no change.
leanangle said that it must be dry so i blow out the exess, thats when i saw the green/blue gunge on the pins to the connector.
cleaned it up and she runs sweet again.
without my chat with leanangle i would still be scratchin my head.
somtimes its the little things we miss that makes all the differantce.
i`ve scratched my head for days now and it bloody work again, thanks leanangle for a differant angle for me to look at things.

so next time, inspect everything and dont just spry on regardless..
think i`ll go for a wank now am that happy.. ha! Ha! Ha!
only joking!!!
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