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2004 GSXR 1000
Okay so I’m gonna start by saying the bike was crashed pretty hard and I’ve been slowly rebuilding it and today I got to the point where I could try and start it, but unfortunately when I went to start it, the dash still said CHEC.
Fuel pump doesn’t prime or anything, just says CHEC.
I’ve checked anything I could possibly check
Side stand switch (deleted)
Clutch switch (bike only turns over when pulled in so it’s working)
I would assume the main switch is working cause all the other switches on it are in working order and don’t understand how that’d just stop working.
I’ve also noticed something weird the bike always says it’s in neutral, doesn’t matter if it’s in 1st gear all the way to 6th and this could be completely unrelated but I’ve noticed a plug on my harness that only has two wires and it’s missing something that’s supposed to be plugged into it, I was maybe thinking it was the gear indicator or neutral sensor missing or something unimportant & after looking them up online the plug looks absolutely nothing the same as those two sensors and those are both a 3 wired plug and the one I’m missing is a little rectangle shaped “2” wired plug down by the big plug that connects to the injector harness, if that makes sense? Or it’s right next to kickstand switch and tip over sensor.... Maybe my bike is wired weird but that’s where it is... and it’s Kinda hard to explain and not Being near the bike is preventing me from showing pictures.
I don’t believe I’m missing any relays, which I know would prevent the bike from starting. The tip over sensor has something rattling inside of it and I also have an extra tip sensor Off an extra harness I bought (because I needed to replace the ECU/ECM plugs because one of the wires got ripped out on the old plug
ANYWAYS the other tip sensor does the same thing, I’m guessing that’s normal?
I’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff but can’t remember everything I’ve done because I’ve been messing with the bike for the last month trying to get it up and running before summer ends.
please please pleaaase help me guys, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Bike doesn’t go into dealer mode I guess the the CHEC is the code from what I’ve read.
dreading the fact I may have a fried ecu because I once had a red oil light come on when I first plugged it in, and now it doesn’t come on at all anymore not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing... and all I’ve read and could find is a fried or not working ecu... please Someone help and tell me it’s not the ecu cause I can only find them for 400$ on eBay and that’s just simply not worth it I’ve already spent over 500$ rebuilding this bike and I’m sooooo short on cash right now. shit SUCKS! Hahah.

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Anything goes is for non bike related threads. I moved the thread. There are specific sub forums by model and year. Those are your best bet for answers.
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