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I just took the bike around the block, first time it has moved in two years
. I have a 93 1100 front end on it and the steering feel real heavy and sloppy
. What could be the problem? I also put a 92 750 swingarm on it, any cooralation between the two? Any ideas will help, I am desperate to ride. Oh and as I picked up speed that is when it got sloppy, kinda like it wanted to start a tank slap. Thanks

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I'm sure you've covered everything but here's the list I use...

-both head and wheel bearings are adjusted and torqued to spec.
-fork legs are equal in clamps and triple clamp bolts (all 6?/8?) are torqued to spec.
-controls are properly placed and torqued (clip-ons, clutch, brake)
-brake calipers are torqued to spec and the pads are riding properly in the carriers.
-front axle is in tight and the safety bolts are torqued.
-fender is attached properly.
-tire is seated and at proper pressure.

The only other thing I can think of is something is sticking internally in your forks. Bad oil, condensation, dirt, broken part?, it's probably adjusted properly for damping, compression & preload...

If it is related to the swingarm change, I can only think that the linkage might be binding or a pivot is too tight to allow proper range of motion.

At least it runs
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