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Ok, I'm trying to determine what exhaust system to order. Akrapovic EVO 1 or Evo 2...OR Yosh's TRC?

I am not sure I'm looking for a race only system.. just a full titanium system..(w/ NO carbon fiber)

While doing some reseach on the Akrapovic website, I also thought about a titanium slip on...due to the cost. I'm not a racer..just someone that is going to go to track days periodically.

I had a full Akrapovic titanium system on my 2000 gixxer 750 and loved the sound and perfomance. (Can't remember the system type /name..)

My questions are:

1)What is the diffrence between Evo 1 and Evo 2?

2) Cost on these systems? Cheapest website to order one??

3)What is the benefits of having the full ti system on the 2005 GSXR 1000 as to a slip on? Dyno#'s comparing?

4) A long time ago, I remember a website where you could hear sound waves of difrent pipes on dif bikes durind dyno tests. Anyone know what website that was? I wanna hear the sound of the Akrapovic vs Yoshi's TRC on the 05K1.

5) Are there any dyno HP #'s comparing Akropovic to Yoshi's TRC on the 05K1 on the web?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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